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Salesforce Releases Tools to Help Businesses Reopen Safely

Salesforce Releases Tools to Help Businesses Reopen Safely. is a set of tools to help businesses reopen workplaces and maintain employee safety. includes tools to track employee health, make company-wide health announcements, manage shifts to reduce human density, and keep track of data and regulations. The data can be monitored in a command center.

Various services will be priced as separate add-ons for existing Salesforce subscriptions.

Salesforce perceives the pandemic as having three phases:

  • Crisis response

  • An extended period of recovery

  • A new normal.

All organizations will pass through all three phases

Remote Does Not Work For All Businesses

Many organizations are working remotely . Some will continue to do so for some time. Others cannot do this.

Those locations will need to enable and enforce social distancing at work, while monitoring employee health.

Companies must rethink some things once assumed as being normal. Examples of solutions include:

  • Bringing employees back into work-spaces in separate groups at different sequential times
  • Scheduling when certain categories of people can use elevators or narrow hallways, in order to maintain desired distancing.

The tools include courses and training to help people learn new ways of working together and how to understand and execute safety measures.

Salesforce assigned hundreds of employees to build these applications.  Previously, Salesforce:

  • Offered Salesforce Care, tools to help businesses stay in touch with employees and customers.

  • Created a group of companies to acquire personal protective equipment to donate to healthcare organizations.

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Startup CEO thinking too small

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Fire Your Problem Customers

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What is a Teleconference?

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Consider when hiring a virtual assistant

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Essential Startup Management Skills

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Reasons A Startup CEO Should Take Vacation

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List of Problems Shared by SMEs and Startups

SME Problems and Startup Problems are frequently similar.  SMEs tend to have more problems than established corporations.  Unfortunately some startups share these same types of problems. SME problems shared with many startups Insufficient credibility They are not known; so they are not trusted Inadequate financial resources This can cause management to choose cheap and inadequate…Continue Reading

How to Hire Senior Executives

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Receivables Problems

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How to hire the perfect employee?

Hiring the perfect employee is probably the hardest thing for a startup CEO to do. You seek employees who are hard working, intellectual, filled with integrity and as motivated as the owner/CEO himself. With so much legislation and regulation enforced in this field, a startup business owner may develop a feeling of entrapment. Here are…Continue Reading

Why are Bookkeeping Programs important for Startups?

What are the functions of Bookkeeping Programs? Bookkeeping Programs are vital to managing the financial aspects of your startup or new venture. With one data entry, you can create a number of different documents, and link them with each other. Old methods of spreadsheets or journals and ledgers are slow and time-consuming. All the calculations…Continue Reading

Why do you need computerized maintenance management?

How was maintenance done before? Computerized maintenance management changes the scheduling reliability and management of maintenance management. Maintenance management is an essential part of almost every organization, especially those with large numbers of machine assets. Previously, there were huge paper files (later Excel files), and employees were appointed to the work of maintenance management. The…Continue Reading

Upward communication is a key step towards success

A good business needs both upward communication and downward communication; between boss and subordinates. Just as it needs both loyalty upward and loyalty downward between boss and subordinates. The downwards ones nurture employee loyalty. The upwards ones help the business be successful. It is not just about having good relationships between a boss and his…Continue Reading

How to Hold Effective Meetings

How do you hold effective meetings? Meaningful is useful as well. Planning for effective meetings Have a plan for the entire meeting. Fix a goal for the meeting. Study it, revise it and decide what you will get out of the meeting. This is the first step to holding effective meetings. Develop an agenda that…Continue Reading

Incentive Programs for your Business

What are Incentive Programs? Incentive Programs are programs used by an organization for motivation and betterment of their employees. These programs are typically developed by a company on its own initiative. Their features and benefits are dependent upon management decisions. Organizations with such programs seem to have happier and more efficient employees. Suggestions for Incentive…Continue Reading

People management – Vital to a Successful Business

People management is crucial for most companies; because the employees of a company are its most important assets. The success or the failure of the company is dependent on them. What is required? It is extremely important for managers and supervisors to encourage, inspire, train and motivate their employees. So, as a manager you need…Continue Reading

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