John Gale’s publications are substantial.

  • White Papers
    He has authored or coauthored several White Papers relevant to those launching new revenue streams.

    • Startup Presentations to Angel/Seed Stage Investors and Partners: Recommendations for Best Practices
    • Equity Planning for those Associated with Re-structuring a Startup
    • The Professional Consultant: Recommendations for Best Practices in Silicon Valley
      The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley posted this White Paper at
      You can also download it at the bottom of this Page
    • A separate page addresses each White Paper and provides the opportunity for downloading a PDF.  Please see the drop-down menu above.
  • Blog
    John’s Blog includes more than 180 Posts.

Please see his Blog

  • Twitter
    John’s Twitter account includes more than 6,000 Tweets.

Please see  @Carverlon

  • Editorial Advisory Board
    Separately, John was an invited member of the Editorial Advisory Board in the Entrepreneurial Strategy and Functional Experts group for Funding and Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies by Rod Hoagland, 165 pages.
  • Other
    • He authored a series of Market reports on broadband services and multimedia such as Business-to-Business Services Delivered via Interactive Broadband
    • He has written several Articles in US and European media: Computer World, BIS Cap International, Computer Aided Publishing Report, Federal Computer Week, Institute for Graphic Communication, and Multimedia Yearbook

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