Anthony D.


“Governance, management, business model, and strategic advice from John was very helpful during the years when I was commercializing a nanotechnology pigments product using the Mexican maquiladora business model in Mexico.”

Alberto C.


“John quickly grasps the key issues and political realities and contributes effectively as a senior executive helping the team achieve the desired objective.”

Rod H.


“His vast experience and useful questions challenge and help us to improve many aspects of our operation, such as fundraising, go-to-market, recruiting, partnerships and more.”

Alexandre S.


“John has been a key partner in the search for solutions for the implementation of ……… content.”

Antero C.


“We have shared a mutual client for which John provided portfolio performance management and Board of Directors services to the clients’ startup portfolio. We collaborated on the client’s annual report. John is great to work with.”
Michelle M.


“I recommend John to any firm looking for an experienced professional in business development, especially in the technology arena.”

Ken C.




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