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You Can Adapt Your Marketing During Our Coronavirus Pandemic

Our families and businesses are suffering as a result of Coronavirus. After you care for your family and friends; there are some things you can consider doing to foster your business.

1. Help others selflessly

Pay it forward to your target market.

2. Paid ads are cheaper

With fewer businesses advertising; there is less competition for keywords. Some have seen ROI increase as much as 70%.

3. Conversions are down

Consider offering decreased prices or payment plans. This has been done in SEO, health, recruiting and retail. Some have seen conversion rates increase by up to 12%. To help you implement a payment plan foir your customers; tjkjuhe service by Affirm at may be helpful

4. Offer Online Educational Training

There is a lot of unemployment. Many people would like to learn a new skill.

5. Geographic diversification

The impact of COVID-19 varies significantly by country. Learn which countries have the strongest market for your product.

Please see

The Blog Post by Neil Patel, How to Adapt Your Marketing During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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