Investor Relations

Maintaining good relationships with investors and other stakeholders is vital to your success.  This is not just a matter of emailing your monthly report to them.

This process starts when you are first recruiting an executive to be an investor or stakeholder.  You need to understand the extent to which you have a shared vision; how will each of you enjoy working with the other;  how often and in what ways will you engage;  what does each of you think success looks like?

With this background you can prepare and execute a strategy to:

  • Share the evolution of your visions
  • Keep each other up-to-date and on the “same page.”
  • Engage in comfortable and useful ways
  • Work together towards a shared “picture of success.”
  • Agree on and execute a good exit at the right time

As CEO of your business you may not have the time to execute your Investor Relations process as well as you would like.  We can help you; either standalone or as a part of a Financial Exit engagement.

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