Reasons A Startup CEO Should Take Vacation

Some startup CEOs think that they cannot take a vacation. Here are reasons a startup CEO should take vacation.

Physical relaxation

As a startup CEO you work very hard to launch and grow your business. Trying to ignore the natural need for a physical rest will only lead to a bad ending. You need to offer to and deliver to your body a change, a break through time off.

Mental relaxation

Your waking hours are busy, frequently chaotic business events. Try working seven (7) days a week for say six weeks. Then evaluate your clarity and productivity. You need a break. Give your mind (and body) that break, every weekend. If you do not your performance and inner peace will clearly deteriorate. Your startup vision will corrode and slip away. So, try playing periodically. Your mind will thank you! This will be good for startup CEO morale.

Successful startup CEOs spend time with loved ones

If you family, your loved ones and your friends always see you working your importante relationships will slip away. Come up for air and family. You, your family, your loved ones and your friends will all appreciate it. You will all appreciate quality time together.

For the good of your startup

As pointed out in the Fast Company article Why Startup Founders Should Take 3-Month Vacations; here are three reasons a startup CEO should take vacation.

  • Your Startup Will Grow Stronger When You Leave

  • Your Startup Will Learn When You Leave

  • Your Team Members Will Flourish

Let your mind see the world (or your neighborhood)

It is important to do non business activities that you enjoy. If you do not have any; try three new hobbies and develop a hobby that is fun for you. Some enjoy travel. Others like to paint with oils. Others like square dancing. It does not need to cost Money to be fun. If your business is based in your home; close off your office during playtime. Keep your office “off limits” during vacation. Engage your mind with non-work. Try day trips. Experiment until you have an engaging fun-time hobby. Or do nothing! Or meditate.

Be sure that you have a life

It is surprising that many startup CEOS feel they do not get to have time off. They feel that there is always too much to do. Therefore, time off is not possible.

Wake up! There will always be too much to do! You still need and deserve time off. Taking a day off every weekend and at least periodic long weekends off will improve your health and productivity. You will actually get more done.

You will feel better about everything and grow your business faster. You will be more healthy also.


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  1. This is really interesting since I don’t really get a vacation very often. I’ve always worked hard every day to maintain the stats I have in my company. I don’t mind getting a break but I don’t really know exactly how to make time for it amidst the busy schedule that I have now that I’ve started a company.

  2. Working 16 hours a day for a long time(say a month) will decrease your productivity and accuracy. So try relax mentally after a few days so that you can recharge your mind and work at full efficiency.

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