How to hire the perfect employee?

Hiring the perfect employee is probably the hardest thing for a startup CEO to do. You seek employees who are hard working, intellectual, filled with integrity and as motivated as the owner/CEO himself. With so much legislation and regulation enforced in this field, a startup business owner may develop a feeling of entrapment. Here are some approaches that may help you.

Grouping the types of employees

Most of the times, all employees can be more or less classified to be of a certain type. You will inevitably find these in every office in every company. First there are:

  • Over-performer or Go-Getter

  • Reliable

  • Strategist

  • Leader

  • Creative

  • Problem-solver

These are the ones that cause the most problems for the organization:

  • Moaners

  • Liars

  • Bullies

  • Gossips

  • Backbiters

  • Lovers

  • Addicts

  • Rule-breakers

  • Thieves

The names are pretty much self-explanatory and will give you can the idea of what most employees tend to be like.

Advertising to hire the perfect employee

This is one thing that you can do well and in reality, need to do well, in order to make sure that you are hiring the right kind of people. Advertising is important because the way you promote your business is essential for attracting the right kind of people to your job. Someone really capable and confident will not go to a job where he or she does not feel right. So, this step is important.

Some companies encourage employees to recommend their non-employee friends and associates for open positions.

Judging on basis of merit

When the candidate comes along for the interview, it will be up to you to decide whether or not to hire him or her. How do you judge the candidate? is he/she a potential perfect employee?  You can ask questions on several topics related to the field of work for your business. This will allow you to get an insight on how much the candidate knows about the line of work. Merit level and personality are also equally important things to factor in.

Based on these things you will be hiring people who are a lot better than what you have been getting in the past.


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