Employee Motivation: Key to More Efficient Employees

Why Employee Motivation is needed?

If you are a manager, you have heard dozens of motivation theories from experts. In the past motivation was not consider as a role of a manager. It was considered as a waste of time. Now, many organisations are seeking expert views and spending a huge amount of money for Employee Motivation. Whatever may be the size of your organisation, the motivation of employees is never a waste of time or money. It always results in profit, in the long run.

What are characteristics of motivated employees?

  • A motivated employee can do his or her work by themselves. They don’t need to be monitored by supervisors.

  • Motivated employees can finish work in less time.

  • Motivated employees are very efficient.

  • Motivated employees are happy and do work happily. Thus, there is less chance of mistakes.

Tips for Employee Motivation

  • While giving a motivating speech to employees, do not talk about organisation goals. Discuss their personal goals.

  • Deploy remuneration and reward systems at regular intervals. Individual rewards make employees greedy, and thus they do more work to achieve the award.

  • You can obtain support from service agencies who organise campaigns to motivate employees within an organisation. These workshops are very good for teaching employees about teamwork and time efficiency. This will motivate the employees both physically and mentally.

  • Reward every employee of a particular department, when there is a huge improvement.

  • You can search for examples of what other organisations have done to motivate employees; and the results. You can apply similar plans in your organisation.

  • Lastly, you can learn from a number of books, which provide plans for Employee Motivation.

  • Maintain a report checking system, in order to calculate, differences in employee performance. If there is a workshop, use a feedback system.


How to Motivate Your Employees

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