How Startups Use Virtual Assistants

Let’s talk about how startups use Virtual Assistants. Virtual Assistants are really just a packaged type of consultant.  Many hold advanced degrees or have years of specialized experience. As startups grow they need a variety of short term and long term part time staff. So, Virtual Assistants can be used to address selected parts of these needs. They can be hired through, Fiverr. Com and other marketplaces.

How startups use Virtual Assistants to:

  • Work but not use your office space
  • Respond to varying levels of requirements to support your startup’s growth
  • Delegate to individuals with highly specialized skills, or to perform tasks which no startup employee knows how to do, or has time to do, or wants to do
  • Work only when they need them to work
  • Receive and make phone calls
  • Schedule and confirm appointments, maintain and update calendars
  • Receive and sort, and send email and faxes
  • Create and send invoices and note receipt of payments and make accounting entries
  • Perform various levels of research
  • Load, verify and update databases such as databases of people’s name, title, corporate affiliation, email, phone and address.
  • Envision, design, type and print documents that do not require input from others; such as Virtual Assistants with marketing skills.
  • Perform other office tasks
  • Expand on ideas to write blog posts and then post them
  • Record a meeting, transcribes the recording and distribute minutes to the participants

The more skilled Virtual Assistants can:

  • Design a Website or adapt a template, maintain the finished Website on a regular basis. Content can be prepared and added
  • The principle can dictate letters or reports or memos, email the digital recording to a VA. The VA then transcribes the recording, edits it prints the letters and documents and emails or snail mails them within hours.
  • Covers for the principle when he/she is on vacation; bring the principle into teleconferences if required
  • Pays bills using online or offline payment methods
  • Updates and distributes budgets and other reports
  • Create rough drafts of reports; format later versions


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