Why do you need computerized maintenance management?

How was maintenance done before?

Computerized maintenance management changes the scheduling reliability and management of maintenance management. Maintenance management is an essential part of almost every organization, especially those with large numbers of machine assets. Previously, there were huge paper files (later Excel files), and employees were appointed to the work of maintenance management. The work was time-consuming and involved a lot of effort. The system was full of errors, so it was unreliable. Also, a relatively large team was needed, just for scheduling the work.

Maintenance management to be computerized

Today many startups, SMEs, new divisions and large firms need and want computerized maintenance management (CMM). These systems are easier, faster and better than paper or spreadsheet systems. Even the spreadsheet systems took a lot of time. And there were errors when filling in the sheets. This unique software is made for the sole purpose of maintenance management. You can check the status of each and every project and machine very easily.

How computerized maintenance management will help you?

  • Businesses are more complex today than in the past. For multi-building startups, SMEs or larger firms; every management concept must be regionalized or globalized. This software helps to help provide updated information from any location to someone in any other location.

  • Reduce downtime

  • Manage preventive maintenance, upgrades and retrofits

  • Reduce overtime

  • Better manage spare parts inventories

  • You can track maintenance work orders, schedule workload, organize the work and perform enquiries. You can also create and cancel work orders.

  • The latest software can do maintenance management by itself. You just have to supply the data.

  • Working with this software is much more straightforward. And you need fewer dedicated employees.

  • Every organization with a need for computerized maintenance management is adopting this software. It increases efficiency and reliability.

  • There is a wide range of software, with varying features, benefits and prices. You must pick the software that best matches your situation and needs.


Computerized maintenance management software is a technology success story. Most of this software connects information from different departments and buildings. You can obtain updated information on every machine and work team in every department. This software increases the productivity of your organization.


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  1. You’re absolutely right that this is a huge step in the right direction. Before this came in I was asking for years why there wasn’t a better solution available. This CMM step doesn’t need any new technology, it just puts together tech we’ve been working with for years to accomplish so much more than we’ve been capable of up until now. Our company has brought this on line over the last year and it seems to be going great. I’d highly recommend it, even to startups.

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