Investor Presentation – Executive Summary

Prepare this section last.

As a slide, a paragraph in your 1-2 page Executive Summary and as a section in your 20 page Business Plan; this section includes many of your compelling statements, your most compelling graphic and all of your key customer/partner logos.

Investor Presentation – Executive Summary

With only your Executive Summary slide, which is the first slide in your slide deck; you are prepared to do a deal winning 2 minute presentation.

Thus this first, key, section/slide tells everything that is truly important about the Company on one PowerPoint slide. This is the 50,000 foot view with only the key information. This is a must have section/slide. It should address only core aspects of the business and display customer logos, symbols, and numbers. Avoid clutter and peripheral information. Topics that may be included are:

  • Focus of the business
  • Business model diagram
  • What market pain is addressed? For what market? What % of what Total Addressable Market (TAM)? Show logos for closed customers/partners.
  • Why the solution is world class
  • Experience that proves the team is world class (key)
  • Revenue forecast
  • Other compelling facts
  • The CEO’s contact information must be on copies distributed to potential Investors

This first section/slide starts addressing the first thoughts of an investor or partner “What does this company do? Is this a technology, marketing, licensing, partnering, or channel play? Am I comfortable with this type of play by this team for this market? What are the key issues critical to success?”


John Gale’s White Paper on Business Plans is Available for Download

This Post is based in part on John Gale’s White Paper, Startup Presentations to Angel/Seed Stage Investors and Partners: Recommendations for Best Practices  This White Paper can be downloaded from:

  • The Business Plans page on this Website
  • It can also be downloaded from this page on the Angel Capital Association website.  The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of (US) angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures

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