Investor Presentation Development

As you start developing your Investor Presentation for your early stage startup, you are really developing or modifying your Business Plan. Work through addressing the following Sections. This list may change slightly depending on your business.  Plan on a 20 minute presentation.  But be prepared to use only one slide to do a very short; perhaps two minute; presentation.

Investor Presentation Development

The list shows the number of slides when you get to the 15 minute PowerPoint (Silicon Valley) version.

  • Executive Summary (1 slide)
  • Mission (1 slide)
  • Strategy (This information may be included on the Business Model slide)
  • Market Pain and Solution (1-3 slides)
  • Market Opportunity (1 slide)
  • Management Team (1 slide)
  • Boards and Advisers (optional, 1 slide)
  • Achievements and Assets (optional, 1 slide)
  • Customers and/or Partners (1 slide)
  • Competition (1 slide)
  • Technology and IP (1 slide)
  • Business Model (1 slide)
  • Financial Projections (1-2 slides)
  • Fund Raising (1 slide)
  • Other Information (1 slide)



Develop a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation using the above guidelines.  Be prepared to use one slide; or a few slides to present much shorter presentations on an adhoc basis.


John Gale’s White Paper is Available for Download

This Post is based in part on John Gale’s White Paper, Startup Presentations to Angel/Seed Stage Investors and Partners: Recommendations for Best Practices  This White Paper can be downloaded from:

  • The Business Plans page on this Website
  • It can also be downloaded from this page on the Angel Capital Association website.  The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of (US) angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures

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