What is the importance of Sales training?

Sales Training will increase sales and thus increase the probability of success for startups. This is less likely to be important for new divisions as they are more likely to have access to trained sales people.

The success of an organiszation depends on purchases of their offering by customers. The salesperson is the link between the organization and its customers. Successful sales depends on marketing, sales staff, sales training and the approach of the sales manager towards sales coaching. Sales training is essential, especially for those unfortunate startup CEOs who have to sell and have no relevant experience.

Frequent sales problems with startup CEOs

  • They do not have sales experience, do not understand sales cycles etc. and do not have time for sales training.

  • Those new to sales are sometimes reluctant to make sales calls.

  • They are not aware of the importance of sales training.

  • They don’t have the sales tools and techniques through which they can acquire knowledge.

  • They do not know how to prepare proposals and hope to just take orders.

  • They do not understand that they will hear No several times from one prospect before he/she says yes.

  • They do not stop selling after the buyer agrees to buy.

  • They do not know how to negotiate.

  • No experienced person is motivating them or coaching them.

Tips for starting training

  • E-teaching: the sales person must know about the organization. They must have a thorough knowledge of the product that they will sell. This can be done regionally or globally so that people of different offices can attend the coaching through the internet. Track the progress of each employee by arranging simple quizzes after each lecture or workshop.

  • Training time must be managed. Use of video-on-demand can reduce conflicts. But, you must monitor performance of training tasks and tests.

  • Rewards are valuable enhancements throughout the process.

  • Monitoring and feedback after every session is very important.

  • The sessions should be interactive. Even if the employees are sitting in front of a computer, provide for chats and questions, where anybody can answer from any location.

  • Share the importance of coaching.

  • Provide real-life examples.


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