Sales Kit For Product Sales

A Sales Kit For Product Sales used by a sales executive when he/she calls on a potential customer to try to sell or when calling on an existing customer to try to up-sell or cross-sell.

A Sales Kit For Product Sales includes:

  • Elevator Pitch (verbal)
  • Business card with company domain based email address
  • Company Website
  • Company overview 1-pager (hardcopy and PDF, sometimes called a brochure)
  • Product brochure (hardcopy and PDF)
  • Product demonstration capability on URL, tablet, or smartphone
  • Prospect interview script (for most offerings, this is never seen by a prospect)
  • Proposal document and Proposal slide deck (when proposing)
  • Customer testimonials (hardcopy and PDF)
  • Site survey checklist (hardcopy and PDF) … if relevant to selling your offering
  • Implementation checklist (hardcopy and PDF) … if relevant to selling your offering
  • User Guide (hardcopy and PDF, also incorporated into software when software is a part of the offering)
  • Smartphone App …. when an App is part of your offering
  • Price list (in some cases)

The Sales Kit For Product Sales is based on your Go-To-Market Strategy or Business Plan.  You do not necessarily use or display all of the items in your Sales Kit during a sales call.

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