What is the value of giving out trophies and plaques?

Everybody likes to receive trophies and plaques that showcase their achievements. So, many organizations give out trophies and plaques to their employees every year. There are many who work hard to receive such souvenirs because they like to experience the glory and credit that comes along with it. The occasion might be anything from “lowest scrap rate”, to a sports event, to a beauty contest. The participants always look forward to receiving a memento for their hard work.

Give out appropriate quality trophies and plaques

Choose a good quality award for a cost effective price. In the past medals or trophies were made of gold. But today it is usually not possible to give out such awards. Therefore, these souvenirs are usually made from less expensive wood or maybe fiberglass. There are beautiful glass and chrome frames for award certificates. But, whatever the attractive material may be, the emotion associated with receiving them will always be positive.

Motivate your employees

To some employees, these trophies and plaque act as a motivator for them. These drive them to become the top performer of their team or establishment. Be it a small startup, or an SME or division, it becomes necessary to give out these trophies and plaques and let the employees know how much you appreciate their achievements.

The award should be for an achievement that reflects positively on the individual or team and on the company.

Acknowledge a person’s or team’s hard work

Trophies are given out based on the good performance by an individual or a team. It’s always good to acknowledge a person’s hard work. You might consider giving them an elegant trophy, made of glass or crystal. But only the sentiment behind it is crucial. And for the recipients it is always very special to receive an award.

Keep the size in mind

The size of the trophy must be appropriate. If it’s a team to which you are presenting it, then a trophy of larger size is recommended. These trophies and plaques are passed on from the past champions to the present champions. Frequently they are stored in special cases throughout the year. Such trophies are changed only every several years. The awards do not need to be elegant. But, they must be tasteful.

Place your order carefully

You can find trophies and plaques in many stores and on the Internet. You can also print award certificates with an inkjet printer and mount them in (for example) a handsome glass and chrome frame. You will find a variety of designs available. Unless there are compelling reasons; you will not need to custom design your award. Although, if you are awarding a printed certificate; you might have a graphic designer edit the file before it is printed.


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