How to Choose Strong Color for a Website

Why is strong color for a website important?

Many organizations leave this decision in the hands of the web designers. They show you some samples and you will have to pick one from them. But this concept doesn’t work now. Your website is going to be visited by people all over the world. It will not matter how your office looks like, but it will matter how your website looks like. Choice of color depends much on the branding and type of business the website will be representing. It is obvious that a cement manufacturing company will not choose the same theme color that of a wedding organising agency.

Words spoken by different colors

  • Different colors present different perception to the viewer. For example, blue, white, green symbolises peace. One feels calm when they sit in a room painted with blue or green.

  • Yellow activates bright and joyful site of a person. It is very glowing. It will be a good choice for depicting festival or celebration.

  • Red color makes a person hungry. It also symbolises anger. But red attracts the attention of children very much.

  • Green and brown gives a natural look to the web page. If your business is related to something about nature or tourism, you can surely apply this.

  • Black represents sorrow or a condition very serious.

Choice of color according to business

  • Your business needs will tell you about the choice of colors.

  • If your web page contains a lot of texts, then make them appear on white or very light color background with dark color texts. This will increase the readability of the content. Don’t mix texts of different front and different colors on the same page. This will not be healthy to the eyes.

  • A multi-colored website will make the viewer confused, and the web page looks unprofessional.

  • It is a good practice to choose a single color and use its shades.


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  1. This was helpful as well. Choosing colors that compliment and add to your overall mission and purpose for your company is important. Choosing colors that actually go together and make it easy to read are the way to go. I shared this with my good friend who is an entrepreneur and was having problems with structuring and designing her website.

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