List of Debt Crowdfunding Sites in the UK

Debt crowdfunding sites (also known as peer to peer lending sites) are close to offering bank loans in that money borrowed is paid back to the lender with interest.  This can work better for businesses not able or willing to borrow from traditional sources such as banks. The ‘loan’ is spread over many individual lenders thus minimizing risk for the investor who is able to support projects and businesses they believe in while making money back on it in the long run.

Examples of debt crowdfunding sites in the UK?

In the UK there are a number of options when it comes to debt crowdfunding.

Funding Tree
All members of the funding tree team have had experience setting up their own businesses, allowing them to be uniquely in touch with lenders needs.

Good low interest rates for lenders.

Lending Works
This platform has a strong core ethical code in the belief that financial transactions should be fair with low cost fees and minimal complications.

Abundance Generation
Abundance funds projects with positive real world social and environmental impact.

Launched in 2011 as the UK’s primary socially aware debt crowd funding platform. It joined up with Trillion in 2014 but continues to be the companies face of social and charitable projects.

Trillion Fund
Trillion funds projects committed to renewable energy.

A quick easy to use platform with high rates of loan acceptance

Lending Crowd
Scotlands biggest debt crowd funding site, specializing in small business loans.

How to choose a debt crowd funding platform

Evaluate the clauses and points of interest of any debt crowd funding system you are considering. Cross check and compare them to similar sites to ensure you are getting a good deal which is an appropriate deal. Determine if you are better off choosing a site that specifically targets the type of niche that your project falls under, or a general all-purpose crowd funding platform. No matter what you choose; with planning and hard work you can utilize debt crowd funding.





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