Criteria For Choosing Your Corporate Event Planner

A corporate event planner can be a major asset to early stage marketing efforts. You need a good one. Pay attention to these criteria when choosing your planner.

What you want in a corporate event planner

You need to clearly explain your vision for the event. It is important to use a good event planner who understands your vision; and helps you to adjust your vision when appropriate. One who understand startups or new ventures will be particularly helpful. A good planner will be able to organize a well prepared, enjoyable and successful event for you and your colleagues. The event should deliver its agreed goals.

2 scenarios:

  • The first scenario is if you have a well thought out concept of how an event should proceed. You know the theme you want to select, you know the types of food that are going to be there, the type of activities and entertainment to be provided and etc. All you really need to know is where and how all of this can be prepared.

  • The second scenario is where you do not understand the job of the corporate event planner. In such a scenario, you will have to depend completely on the planner. That is when you really need a quality planner for your event.

The scope of a corporate event planner

Be sure that the planner can handle the complete job. He/she is not a DJ, not a florist, not a caterer and definitely not a decorator. A corporate event planner is a person who can bring together all of these aspects and more into one impressive event and do your job in a relaxed professional way.

Ask the CEOs of other new ventures, SMEs and startups. You will want to know about the candidate’s experience as a corporate event planner and about all of his qualifications. Visit his/her other corporate events and search online. An in-depth search will surely land you the right person for the job.


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