List of Most Famous Disruptions By Startups

Do you know our Most Famous Disruptions By Startups?

If you are wondering how the world is different than what we know as ‘yesterday’, it is time for you to see it from another perspective – and see the disruption caused with actual results.
Speaking of results, every startup is oriented to them. However, only a few had the power to truly disrupt the world so far and make the ‘dinosaur’ industries disappear. So, wondering what are the all-time most successful startups and their dollar numbers?

Most Popular Startups and their most famous disruptions

We are listing the most popular startups ever – ranking them by their market capitalization:

  • Apple $489 billions

    Made personal computers usable by the average consumer

  • Google $362 billion
    Search engine for the masses
  • Microsoft $302 billion
    Brought PCs to businesses
  • Amazon $180 billion
    Disrupted retail stores
  • Facebook $135 billion
    Disrupted communication
  • Tencent $112 billion
    Multiplayer online games
  • Ebay $68 billion
    Disrupted garage sales
  • Baidu $59 billion
    Brought search to China
  • Hewlett Packard $52 billion
    Early prime mover in computer production

Famous Disruptions

The market capitalization valuation is with results from 2014. However, the world has been disrupted by these giants even more up to this date, creating a force of disruption that is strong enough to replace the traditional industry.

Microsoft brought the power of personal computing to enterprise businesses – possibly creating a stepping stone without which many technologies wouldn’t be on the list. On the other side, Amazon led a new revolution of making the brick-and-mortar retail obsolete. We all know how Facebook connected billions of people on a common social interface and started the age of social media, and Tencent (also known as the Chinese Facebook) did the same thing on the growing Eastern population.


So, what can we conclude from all this?

Change is everywhere. It is in the way we grasp information, connect with our friends and loved ones and shop for our favorite products. It will continue to happen and better our lives – one invention at a time.


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  1. I clicked through because I thought you were going to go all negative on these startups but boy was I wrong. I was thrilled to see that these were all good and even awesome developments. This proves that we as startup CEOs collectively do have the vision to challenge the old guard and be the leaders when it comes to creating something totally new and unexpected.

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