List of Equity crowd funding platforms in the UK

The equity crowd funding platforms are where the donators or investors will give funding in exchange for a share in the company. If the business does well then so does the shareholder, of course this means that if the business fails the shareholder loses all of their investment. This type of crowd funding is often popular with experienced investors who make a point of researching the market and business, making educated investments on sound projects.

Here are several of the equity crowd funding platforms available in the United Kingdom.

One of the bigger better known UK platforms.


Seedrs had recently partnered with Amazon, placing Seedrs clients’ products on the Amazon website for better exposure.

Syndicate Room
This platform will only take on accounts that already have angel investors which proves its potential to other funders.

Bank to the future
Specializing in financial technology startups and products.

Their unique system has led to an incredible 90% success rate for all funded businesses.

This platform has an intensive and rigorous testing process for any prospective startup.

The only crowd funding platform dedicated to the fostering and sponsorship of video game development.

Focusing on project that b=create well-being and foster community enterprises.

This platform deals specifically with projects that benefit the environment and social causes.

Founded in 2011 and one of the first equity share platforms in the UK

How to choose one of the equity crowd funding platforms

All equity crowd funding platforms will have differences that could affect your project or investment in different ways. Be sure to carefully read the deals and conditions of your “short list” choices. You may find it beneficial to use a platform that specializes in the area you are wishing to develop your project or to use a general purpose all inclusive platform. Either way, by doing your research and planning carefully you could be on your way with that equity crowd funding platform.


What is equity crowdfunding?



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