List of Ways Google Has Changed The World

Before 2004, people started to say that Google has changed the world.  Google was perceived as the start of something new and large, effectively disrupting the way we accessed information, surfed the Web and simply organized our lifestyle.  And in 2004 at the time of the Google IPO, many did not know how to understand it.

Ways Google Has Changed The World

With many skeptics present and a lot of rumors about its failure, Google redefined search.  Then Google disrupted our world in many ways. We are listing the most vital ways it brought ‘the digital change we all needed’:

  • It changed our language and brains
    We use the term ‘Google’ for everything – whether to describe our last search or to imply a search for something. In fact, the company appears to be worried about the use of the word Google – and fears from losing its trademark rights on it if the word becomes generic – such as the words ‘pen’ or ‘knife’.
    Aside from that, Google changed our perception of search and the way we search for information. It has made us worse at remembering things but more capable of finding them online. Weird, isn’t it?
  • It set the stage for many other disruptive technologies
    As the Internet’s primary stepping stone to accessing information, Google led the way and created a bridge of opportunities which were later grasped by startups like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and many others – who have built an empire empowered by the search algorithm of Google.
  • Google changed the way we work – and collaborate
    Google has been responsible for creating a series of work-related applications, and also one of the most popular forms of email to date – the GMail. The interest of the company to disrupt selected industries and be a leader has been so evident, that the next steps may include disrupting the marketplace with autonomous cars, robots and many other new inventions.
  • It has empowered us to experience travel from our home PC
    Google Maps and Google Street View empower you to travel the world on your PC (tablet, smartphone, etc.). Going from highway to street to destination and visiting every doorway filmed by Google makes every travel enthusiast excited at their keyboard and loving Google more.
  • Google has broadened and influenced the news we read on a daily basis
    The digital world is so saturated with news that search algorithms were needed to filter and rank the news appropriately.  Others had done this.  But Google made it happen for all. Not everyone can be shown on the first page of Google as the most attractive destination of every surfer.  So, Google led a revolution in ranking our search results – reinforcing the right ways to ‘keep the first spot’.


Essentially, Google has become our main window to access information, to work and to have fun online. In numerous ways it is the most successful startup the world has ever seen, and continues to disrupt the world in exciting new ways.


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  1. I laughed so hard at the idea of drooling over Google Maps. But laughing aside, it’s not just geography buffs. Us conscientious execs have lots of uses for it, too!
    These days, when I’m traveling to a meeting in an area I’m not familiar with, I always “drive” there first with Google Maps so I know not just the route but a) where I’m going to park, b) where the entrance is, and c) anything else I need to know about the area.
    Of course, there are still surprises, like construction, that Google can’t show you, but I feel like this has made me much more reliable and I love being able to plan to this level of granularity.
    I think it makes me come across more professionally, but the reverse is also true. These days, if someone’s late to a meeting, I figure they have no excuse anymore – why didn’t they use Google Maps?

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