Monthly Report For A New Venture

The Monthly Report for a new venture is an important part of communications within a new venture.

Monthly Report Components

A one (1) page Monthly Report for an emerging revenue stream includes the following bullet style components.  Please adapt this list to match your situation.

  • Title – Unit Name, location, contact information
  • Executive Summary
  • “Department” reports when appropriate for:
    • Mission
    • Strategy – This information may be included with the Business Model
    • Market Pain
    • Overview of offering/product; your Solution to the Market Pain
    • Market Opportunity
    • Go To Market Strategy
    • Management Team
    • Boards and Advisers
    • Achievements and Assets
    • Customers
    • Partners
    • Competition
    • Technology
    • IP
    • Business Model
    • Financial Projections – includes burn rate and runway
    • Fund Raising
    • Risks
    • Other Information
  • Attachments – Usually only a one page financial spreadsheet of shipments and actual expenses by month for the last few -12 months

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