Monthly Plan

Monthly plans are an important aspect of planning growth and of management control.

Monthly Plan Format

A 2-3 page Monthly Plan for an emerging revenue stream can include some or all of the following bullet style sections.  Please adapt this list to match your situation.  This format can be used by the CEO officers and employees.  If your new venture is a part of an established entity you may also have “corporate” requirements to consider:

  • Title – Unit Name, location, contact information
  • Executive Summary – including three key initiatives
  • “Department” plans when appropriate.  The following list can be edited to fit your situation:
    • Mission
    • Strategy – This information may be included with the Business Model
    • Market Pain
    • Overview of offering/product; your Solution to the Market Pain
    • Market Opportunity
    • Go To Market Strategy
    • Management Team
    • Boards and Advisers
    • Achievements and Assets
    • Customers
    • Partners
    • Competition
    • Technology
    • IP
    • Business Model
    • Financial Projections – includes burn rate and runway
    • Fund Raising
    • Risks
    • Other Information
  • Attachments – Usually only a one page financial spreadsheet of projected shipments and expenses by month for the next few -12 months

Early Stage Investors

Early stage investors will frequently say …  Send me your last 3-4 Monthly Plans so I can see what is happening.  If you have no Monthly Plans; they will have learned something useful.

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