Investor Package Meeting III

During a fund raise; when you and an investor are seriously interested in each other; you experience a whole series of meetings.  This Post addresses a “Meeting #3”.  Remember that as the number of the meeting increases; the exact agenda that you will each have in mind will become more and more unique to your relationship and tempo of engagement.

Your Investor Package Meeting III

So your Investor Package or Investor Sales Kit at this point will likely include:

  • Everything that you brought to Meeting I and to Meeting II; plus
  • Research Results
    You further researched this investor.
  • Elevator Pitch
    You are well prepared to deliver an appropriate Elevator Pitch enhanced by your prior experiences as you show slide #1 in your PPT presentation or otherwise begin the meeting.  Remember that he/she is exposed to up to hundreds of startups per week.  So, you need to remind him/her what you are and why he/she should care.
  • PowerPoint Presentation
    You have prepared additional information supplements based on the prior meetings and your further research.  You are prepared to disclose even more of your information.  This includes information on your startup’s recent developments.
  • Your Due Diligence on the Investor
    You are continuing your due diligence on the investor.  So you have prepared further questions that you are going to ask the investor.  You are making a final decision about proceeding to serious discussions.  Remember it is easier to get divorced than it is to shed an investor


Listen carefully; both to what the investor is saying he/she is interested in and what is said as to your future relationship.  Do you really want to “be in bed”: with this investment firm/entity and with this particular investor.

John Gale’s White Paper on Business Plans is Available for Download

This Post is based in part on John Gale’s White Paper, Startup Presentations to Angel/Seed Stage Investors and Partners: Recommendations for Best Practices  This White Paper can be downloaded from:

  • The Business Plans page on this Website
  • It can also be downloaded from this page on the Angel Capital Association website.  The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of (US) angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures

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