Backfile Document Scanning – Make the Office Paperless

Backfile Document Scanning is the scanning of archived and recent paper files, blueprints, documents and selected other documents.  These are converted from paper form to electronic format. After scanning and indexing, you can open the documents with the help of any network connected PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.  This is beneficial in many ways.

A significant number of companies have decided to make their offices paperless.  So, the concept of Backfile Scanning is becoming more and more popular.  Some are storing their documents on CDs or DVDs. Others make them accessible through a website or other network access.

Backfile Document ScanningAlternatives

There are three options for doing this.

  • You can purchase an in-house system and can manage the staff for the backfile scanning, ongoing scanning, and indexing, onsite.

  • You can outsource backfile scanning and perform ongoing scanning in-house.  

  • Or you can outsource all of the scanning.  This can be done offsite or onsite.

How to choose:

Many companies are now taking this process for back-filing, and have gone through one of the combinations of in-house and outsourced scanning. They have found out that:

  • In-house operations will require staff increases, capital expense and space.

  • Outsourcing will address the headcount and space issues; but; will cost more.

So, a number of companies are outsourcing the job to vendors who are professionally efficient to manage the scanning and indexing. Thus the office is becoming more a paperless office; which is usually desirable.


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  1. This is exactly what we’re trying to decide right now. We’re a medical office, which adds a layer of sensitivity to our record-keeping needs. But it sure would be great for our doctors not to have to flip back and forth between a cloud-stored electronic patient record and a musty, dusty paper file.
    We’re thinking of assigning a student intern to this task (in-house) next summer… any advice?

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