What is Rockethub?

What is RocketHub and why it is considered one of the best crowd funding websites?

If I asked you to name a crowd funding site what would you say? Kickstarter? Indigogo? One of the bigger recognized platforms are probably on the tip of your tongue, the explosion in crowd funding as a financing method has resulted in a lot of platforms that seem to offer the same thing. RocketHub is different.
Due to its payment scheme RocketHub has become a favourite amongst its users, with campaigns worldwide in all areas of interest from independent artists to small retailers to charitable organizations. Add to this it’s easy to use and set up system plus fast pay-outs it’s no wonder that RocketHub is considered one of the best crowd funding websites.
The company has also taken the step of aligning itself to organizations such as A&E network and the recording Academy in order to promote its crowd funding campaigns in the arts, its self-promotion is second to none.

What is RocketHub in competitive advantage?

One of the best crowd funding websites on offer, what makes Rockethub one of the most popular smaller crowd funding options is that they pay out even if you don’t reach your intended target.  Other big sites simply don’t pay out at all even if you are only a few dollars away from your target goal.


In business since 2009, RocketHub is based in the United States at 340 West 42nd Street, #880, New York, NY, 10108   www.rockethub.com

Types of Projects

RocketHub will help you to fund art, science, business, and social projects.  You receive Donations and later distribute Rewards to those who fund you.

The Financial Deal

RocketHub is free to sign up and begin your campaign.  Fees are only taken out at the end of its run. If you have managed to meet your goal 4% is taken, and if you haven’t then RocketHub will take 8% of however much you managed to raise. Keep in mind there is a 4% fee on any and all credit card transactions as well.


As with all crowd sourcing sites it’s how hard you promote and how good your idea is that makes it work However with RocketHub your efforts will always be rewarded, even if you don’t reach your goal. Think through why RocketHub is considered one of the worlds best crowd funding websites.  It might just work for you.


RocketHub An EFactor Group Company

RocketHub the world’s crowdfunding machine




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