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List of Marketplaces for Startups

A list of marketplaces for startups can help the CEO leverage a startup in many new ways.  These range from fund raising to buying and selling assets to hiring staff.  This post lists several types of marketplaces that serve various types of resources of value to startups.

Marketplaces that provide crowd funding

Please see John Gale’s post  What is crowd funding as a source of money for a startup

Many crowd funding services have been created; especially in the US and UK.  Whether you prefer donation, equity or debt crowd funding for your startup, there is a UK (and a US) based platform designed for you. Please see John Gale’s post  List of US Crowd Funding Platforms

For the UK please see John’s posts:

Marketplaces for seller financing

If you are purchasing a startup or small business then seller financing is one possibility.  Biz Buy Sell is a marketplace that has facilitated more than 100,000 business sales. In some cases there is seller financing available.  Please see our post  Alternative Funding for Startups


Marketplaces for finding virtual assistants

Virtual Assistants are really just a packaged type of consultant.  Many hold advanced degrees or have years of specialized experience. As startups grow they need a variety of short term and long term part time staff. So, Virtual Assistants can be used to address selected parts of these needs. They can be hired through Upwork.com (formerly Odesk.com), Fiverr. Com and other marketplaces.  Please see John Gale’s post How Startups Use Virtual Assistants


Marketplace for selling renting and exchanging hitech startup assets

Ho Ho is a community for technology startups to list their assets – for sale, rent or exchange.  See www.hoho.ly

Other marketplaces

Diggen (@diggendotcom on Twitter)

Diggen.com is a San Diego based data marketplace to help marketers manage data driven enterprises with a platform to source and integrate data into all marketing technology stacks.

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List of Ways Google Has Changed The World

Before 2004, people started to say that Google has changed the world.  Google was perceived as the start of something new and large, effectively disrupting the way we accessed information, surfed the Web and simply organized our lifestyle.  And in 2004 at the time of the Google IPO, many did not know how to understand…Continue Reading

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