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What is a Teleconference?

There are numerous ways for a startup company to hold a meeting of selected employees, consultants and vendors. Usually they are held in offices or conference rooms. But sometimes participants are on travel or otherwise geographically separated. In that case one way to hold a meeting of all the participants is a teleconference. A teleconference can support from two participants up to hundreds of participants. Some free systems limit you to ten participants. Other low cost systems limit you to 100 participants.

What is a Teleconference?

A teleconference is a meeting of two or more people.

Teleconferences can be conducted with telephone calls. Some desktop telephone hardware supports small teleconference calls.  There are teleconference service companies that enable such teleconferences. Many of these are reasonably inexpensive; but have no video and you cannot share files.

What is a Teleconference -Teleconferences can also be conducted over the Internet using PCs, notebooks, tablets, Smart TVs, or smartphones. There are teleconference service companies that enable such teleconferences. These range significantly in cost from the free versions of Skype to very expensive systems. In some cases video is included. In some cases you can share files and/or desktops.

So there can be audio video and files available in real time.

Streaming media – Live streaming

Live streaming (Blab, Periscope etc.) is really a different type of offering. If you visit the URL above; you can scroll down to .. See Also … for lists and comparisons of video services and etc.


There are many opportunities for use of teleconferences as any type of meeting can be held using whichever teleconference tool best serves the (then current) need.

In summary teleconference meetings are a good way for startup participants to interact when they are not geographically adjacent.



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