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Versions of the Business Plan PowerPoint

Versions of the Business Plan PowerPoint vary for several reasons.  In presenting to an Angel Investor Seed Stage Investor or to a potential Partner a new venture will hopefully make several presentations over the course of several meetings.  Thus agenda and presentations must be prepared for Meeting#1 Meeting #2 and so forth.  During the course of the initial meetings the new venture is finishing its qualification of the potential investor or potential partner.  The Company holds back some, if not all privileged information until after Investor qualification.  Thus a startup CEO will end up with several versions of the Investor PowerPoint presentation. These will include:

Versions of the Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

A generic high-level version that is shown to the broadest group of unqualified Investors. So, for a first presentation by a software startup the slides might address:

  • The Company is best at doing “X” that no one else can do. Here are the underlying innovation, product, solution. That translates to the following customer benefit that is improved in this way.
  • These markets desperately need this solution (urgency vs. nice-to-have)
  • These functional roles must purchase this. This creates a “Fundable” target market.
  • These customer problems are solved by this solution. This is how customers talk about this problem. Their point of view is described in this way.
  • Here is the world class team.
  • The real cost to bring the solution to market is “X”. Time and resource requirements are “X”.

The “leave behind” version after any meeting needs to stand on its own without any verbal supplement when (for example) it is emailed to an Investor who did not attend the presentation by an Investor who attended the meeting. This version may omit some information/slides.

Versions with privileged information are used for meetings after Investors have been qualified.

Hopefully, the slide presentation developer and the presenter both understand that which information is presented before and after Investor qualification, the order of the slides, slide titles, and placement of information by slide will vary to best fit a particular company’s business and maturity.

Other versions will be used for presentations to:

  • Potential key customers
  • Potential business partners
  • Potential key suppliers
  • Potential employees (varying by level)
  • Potential stakeholders
  • Etc.

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