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Startup CEO Morale and Personal Focus

Startup CEO morale and personal focus are intertwined.  Three thought areas may interest you:

  • Annual personal letters to the future
  • Personal reward structure
  • Win list

Write a letter to yourself; to be delivered in the future

One way to help you influence yourself for a planning period is to; write a letter to yourself; to be delivered in the future.  Typically this might be written around January 1, to be delivered on December 31.  But, it could be written and timed around the planning for a key event.  This is a chance to think through what you want to accomplish in a slightly different way.  I suggest that you write about your accomplishments during the time period as if they had already happened.  You might include:

  • Startup objectives
  • Career objectives
  • Personal happenings, relationships and appearance
  • Hobbies
  • Your location

Some email clients offer the opportunity to schedule future delivery.  Alternatively you can go to the website Future Me   At that site you can send an email to yourself to be delivered in say, one year, ten years, or 48 days in the future.  You can designate the email as public or private, just to yourself.  You can read the public emails of others.

Startup CEO morale and personal reward structure

A CEO of a new venture needs a Reward Structure to reward him/her.  This is to reward yourself for completing a task or accomplishing something worthwhile. I suggest that you should be earning 5-7 rewards per week; of various sizes.

Please see our blog Post  Startup CEO Reward Structure

Create a Win List

Start creating a collection of all of the rewards others give you, the thank yous that you receive and the times you know that you did well.  Call this your Win List, your Win Book, or your Win Collection.  Look at it when you are down and use it as a source when creating marketing materials.  See Your Win Book: What It Is, Why It Rocks, and How to Make Your Own


Each day do something that is fun

Please schedule 30 minutes each day for you to do something that is fun.  This is not something that helps your business.  This is something just for you.

Please see Spend 15 minutes each day on something you want to do that’s not at all productive



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