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Learn the Benefits of Self-Publishing

Some business models for startups create an opportunity for the startup to choose between traditional publishing of various products and to learn the benefits of self-publishing. Self-publishing requires learning new skills and entails some risks; but provides several interesting benefits.  Naturally these vary with the type of published product.

Learn the benefits of self-publishing

  • Management
    • Receive a higher percentage of revenues or pay less for publishing. Expenses are deductible
    • Increased control of pricing, format, length in pages, and content including revisions; and everything else; with risks varying for each project. Direct control of reprints. In a family owned startup it may be attractive to involve family members in the publishing process.
    • Better control of quotations and other subsidiary rights
    • Some think that self-publishing experience is advantageous when later negotiating a deal with a publisher
    • Ability to publish in a timely manner and keep the product in-print
    • Assuming the startup CEO is resilient; the self-publishing process changes the nature of rewards, criticism, acceptance and rejection
    • Avoids the annoyance of dealing with publishers; in some cases eases publication of controversial material
    • An opportunity to extend your understanding of your niche in new ways
    • Opportunity for a broader and deeper publishing plan
  • Marketing
    • Lower marketing costs – You can market the product any way you want or sell or license it
    • Opens new ways to reach end users
    • Opportunities for collaborations with new types of teams
    • In some cases you can provide information that would be expensive to provide via publishers
  • Personal
    • Opportunities to give and receive support with peers – camaraderie
    • Will be self-satisfying to some


The primary benefits of self-publishing are receiving a higher percentage of the revenue and having more control. The primary disadvantages are required learning workload lack of experience and in some niches prejudice against self-published products.



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