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Cisco Suggests New IT Roles

In a new report Cisco suggests new IT roles in the future for IT networking professionals.  They are described in Cisco’s 2020 Global Networking Trends Report. This was finished before COVID-19. The projected impacts seem to have been accelerated by the impact of Coronavirus.

The way that networks are being built is changing quickly.

“It’s clear that these skills are even more critical now – the need for connecting and controlling corporate connectivity and security to home workers begs for new types of expertise,” Joe Clarke, Distinguished Services Engineer, Cisco

Cisco suggests the following roles will evolve over time:

Business Translator

Works to translate business needs into service-level, security and compliance requirements to be addressed across a network.

Network Guardian

Bridges the interface between network and security architectures. This implants distributed intelligence into the security architecture and the SecOps process. The guardian monitors the data and takes steps to define faults or stop attackers.

Network Commander

Controller-based automation and orchestration processes are the basis of Intent Based Networking. The Network Commander is in charge of the processes and business practices that maintain and enhance the reliability of the underlying network.

Network Orchestrator

Translates the needs of the business into policies for the network. These are automated and aligned across the network and IT.

Network Detective

Makes use of tools to be sure that the network delivers what is required by business intent. This is coordinated with IT service-management processes and SecOps teams in proactive ways.

These new roles enhance the integration of business and network technology.

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