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Investor Presentations – Customers and Partners

For Investor Presentations – Customers and Partners are essential information.  Having real, paying customers who will talk to potential investors is a key asset for a startup in raising funds.  If you do succeed in raising funds before having paying customers, your valuation will be disadvantageous (terrible).

Investor Presentations – Customers and Partners

This section/slide should address:

  • Who are the paying customers to date? How do they use the offering to do what? Why is this mission critical? Which are available as reference customers?
  • How can the customers and the channel to them be defined?
  • Investors will want to know if any prior employer believes that the prospect/customer list belongs to them.
  • Who are the current or potential partners? What will they really do for the Company? Are there meaningful dialogues in process? Are certain partnerships required for success?

Note, explaining the cost of the prior solution utilized by each paying customer is useful.


John Gale’s White Paper is Available for Download

This Post is based in part on John Gale’s White Paper, Startup Presentations to Angel/Seed Stage Investors and Partners: Recommendations for Best Practices  This White Paper can be downloaded from:

  • The Business Plans page on this Website
  • It can also be downloaded from this page on the Angel Capital Association website.  The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of (US) angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures

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