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Investor Presentation – Market Pain and Solution

For an Investor Presentation – Market Pain and Solution are must-have key success factors.  Without believing in them the potential investor will not believe in the startup.

Investor Presentation – Market Pain and Solution

This section/slide should address:

  • What market pain (problem) is addressed? Why is a solution needed? To what sector(s); and to which functional areas in thuse sector(s) is it mission critical?
  • How big is this market pain? The size and significance of the “Market Pain” addressed by the Company is a key criterion.
  • What is the solution? Why is this a world class solution?
  • How do the market pain factors impact the “Window of Opportunity”?
  • What future offerings (solutions) can be evolved from the first offering (or its underlying technology) for these same customers?  Or for others?  This will create additional revenue streams and thus increase the potential growth.

Note, use of the offering must be easy and convenient. Otherwise, the use of intermediaries may be required, thus creating a difficult-to-scale services business. In some cases technology enabled services startups can be scalable and thus can be fundable by those investors seeking high multiple exits.


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