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How to overcome Startup CEO Overwhelm

Startup CEOs need to avoid or overcome startup CEO overwhelm. Overwhelm can be caused by the need to think about and do so many simultaneous things to nurture and drive a startup to success.

Too many startup CEOs experience overwhelm too often.  One cause is that there are too many pieces of information to keep in your head; business plan updates, bills, hires, fires, prospects, customers, product development, manufacturing, etc.

How to overcome startup CEO overwhelm

  • Business Processes
    Each day document one of your business processes, until they are all written down. Meanwhile, make a list of all of the unwritten processes. Now you have processes that can be delegated.
  • Rush-crowded periods
    • Travel to work before or after rush hours to save time
    • Go to restaurants and stores a little early or late to reduce time spent in lines and waiting for services
  • Delegate
  • Time usage
  • Email and social media
    Check email and social media only at the end of the morning and at the end of your day.
  • Record your tasks and time spent in detail for two days
    • After you are through being appalled at the resulting list; tighten up your time usage.
    • Using your time well will improve both your productivity and your morale.
  • Be calm
    • Learn to calmly accept repeated rejection and failures doubt complex decisions and surreal relationships.
    • Learn to feel comfortable feeling alone
  • Find peers that you can talk with
  • When you feel overwhelm
  • Think about why your feel overwhelmed. Try to do less as you calm yourself. Seek professional advice.
  • Ask yourself; why do I feel busy?
  • Think through your priorities
    Read the post on Manage Your Priorities As A Startup CEO
  • Be sure that you are well rested
    • At one time the author worked seven days per week for six weeks. I recommend against that. Your mind and body need rest.
    • Manage your personal power by getting enough sleep. Many people need eight hours of sleep each night. Ask your Doctor what you need.
  • Drains on you
    Some people are continual sources of negativity or drains on your time. Avoid or refocus these interactions.
  • Delegate
    • If you cannot learn to delegate; you will never grow your business.
    • You do not need to do everything yourself
  • Learn to say NO
  • Deal with Clutter
  • I once delegated dealing with startup paperwork to a retired schoolteacher. In five years she only misplaced one valuable document.
  • Weed out and organize your stuff.
  • Aids to calm yourself
    Richard Fried, MD, PhD, a dermatologist and clinical psychologist says that the use of skin lotions is beneficial when stressed
  • David Barlow, PhD, founder of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University says that you should accept that you are having an anxious moment
  • Meditation
    Consider meditation and similar practices such as focusing on the present




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