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How to do change management

Knowing how to do change management should be a part of every startup. It is a key issue for the improvement of the organization. Change is a natural part of growth as the team increases in size, offerings are defined more precisely potentially as pivots are executed, and etc,

But if you research change management, you will learn that many of the change management techniques fail in practice. They inspire extensive planning, immense funding, and many organizations cannot reach the goal.  Further many startups try to execute change without even thinking about change management.  Failure of changes is a condition when you see the outcome harms the organization’s primary goals. Frequently, the situation leads to chaos and disables the startup.

There is a small percentage who can achieve their change objectives. You can see that in the process of change, many companies achieve satisfactory results. The outcomes are not either good or bad for the organization. But, the process of change increased their knowledge and experience.

What are the reasons behind the failure of changes?

  • No feasibility or readiness assessment.

  • Employees must understand why the change is necessary.

  • Plans for change must be executable. All need to be clear as to the objectives of the changes.

  • Change management sometimes requires immediate action. But, some organizations fail to take necessary actions during an emergency. This usually ends badly.

  • The people in the organization sometimes cannot accept the changes; sometimes due to poor management or poor management communication of the change. The process must have ownership. Business culture and the individuals must be involved. Otherwise the employees may have difficulty blending with the new style; which can lead to undesirable circumstances.

  • Different business structures needs to use different change methodologies.

  • Change management needs to be planned and must be given enough time for execution. Rushing the process can ruin the entire plan.

How to do change management

Most of the reasons for failure, originate in “resistance” towards the change. The objectives of the change must have been analyzed. People at all levels must be motivated to accept the change. Then a method must be chosen, according to the situation and type of business. A successful change management process leads to a better future.


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