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Alternative Funding for Startups

Traditionally startups use angel investors and venture capital firms as their sources of funding. However, there is alternative funding for startups.


Seedrs and Kickstarter are examples. Please search our Blog Posts for crowdfunding to find 10 posts on crowdfunding.

Government grants

US Government agencies EU government agencies and EU Country government agencies and other government’s agencies offer grants and various other types of funding to startups.

Peer-to-Peer Lending Networks

One choice is peer-to-peer lending networks. These facilitate lending transactions between individuals. Examples are  Funding CircleLending Club , Prosper and Zopa


Friends, Family and Fools (FFF)

Friends and family usually fund the first few tens of thousands of dollars for a startup. However they may be able to completely fund the startup depending on its needs.  Virgin Money is one site that can help you formalize investments with friends and family

Savings and Retirement Funds

Savings can be used to fund a startup. In some situations the US ERISA legislation will allow use of IRA or 401(k) retirement funds without penalties for early withdrawal.  Guidant Financial  facilitates entrepreneurial solutions using IRA/401(k) Business Financing SBA Loans personal portfolio loans unsecured loans and equipment leasing.

Seller Financing

If you are purchasing a startup or small business then seller financing is one possibility.  Biz Buy Sell is a marketplace that has facilitated more than 100,000 business sales. In some cases there is seller financing available.

First Enterprise Business Agency (FEBA)

First Enterprise Business Agency is a UK regional lending alternative supported by the European Regional Development Fund



There are numerous micro-loan programs around the world. In the US one source is the SBA


Small Business Loans

Small business loans are available from a number of sources including  Kabbage , Bank of America and Wells Fargo


Business accelerators

Business accelerators usually provide access to funding. One example is  Collider



Please do a search on alternative funding. If you are in the UK please see also Alternative business Funding




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