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List of Equity Crowdfunding Successes in the UK

Equity Crowdfunding Successes in the UK – 4 startups that succeeded.

Do crowd funded startups really make it? It’s a sensible question that anyone looking at opening a campaign will end up asking. The answer is yes, In the United kingdom alone, many small businesses have grown and seen their products flourish thanks to crowd funded financing, read the following success stories and see how a well thought out campaign can boost a business.

  • Using equity crowd funding through Seedr, Shareight raised an incredible 350,000 pounds in less than a day when it launched its campaign to fund a mobile app for shopping. They prioritised their ‘angel’ (big) investors by developing a relationship with them and making them part of the business. This they report, was the number one reason their campaign was so successful.
  • ‘Escape the city’ – a corporate relaxation startup managed to raise 600,000 pounds through equity crowd funding platform Crowdcube after finding themselves dissatisfied with the traditional methods of financing. The world of crowd funding suited their business and image more and they were able to raise much more than business loans would have ever offered.
  • Fantoo email systems proved the crowd funding collaborative rule when they managed to raise 450,000 pounds from donations ranging from 10 – 140,000 pounds. The innovative product gripped Crowdcube investors imaginations as a solution to finally handle email effectively and intuitively. They responded by donating en-masse.
  • EstatesDirect.com has made not one but two highly successful forays into the equity crowd funding arena through Crowdcube, Its first campaign raising half a million pounds and is second raising a mammoth 1.75 million pounds, its new property management systems striking a chord amongst investors happy to contribute to a progressive equity campaign.


That is just four examples of equity crowdfunding successes in the UK.  There are many successful United Kingdom crowd funded ventures. For every large million dollar campaign there are many smaller campaigns succeeding.  These actualize startup up dreams. Equity crowd funding works – and it can work for you.


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