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Elevator Pitch To a Group

A short sales pitch to a group is sometimes called an Elevator Pitch to a Group;  more traditionally an Elevator Pitch is a one-on-one event.

Elevator Pitch To a Group

If you are making a short sales pitch to a group, plan what your “marketing messages” will be and deliver them briefly, with appropriate energy.  So if you are introducing the presentation of a startup in a “Startup Showcase” type of event, or if you are just starting to a group in a different setting, then deliver the following messages in a very brief compelling way.  This takes practice as it is harder than the one-on-one version.

  • The Market Pain that your startup offering addresses
  • Your solution
  • Your Value Proposition.  This is your first compelling “hook”.  Your target market needs to be “hooked”.
  • Names of any well known customers or business partners.  This is your second “hook”.

Then ask a question to see who is interested.  Plan this question carefully.  This should not be a question that can be answered Yes/No.

Thinking quickly on your feet … Now you respond to the most promising response with the intent of creating a brief dialogue with that smaller group.  Deliver a quick compelling message and then go back to addressing the group.  You may want to go after one of the secondary responses after you make nice-nice to the group as a whole.


An elevator pitch to a group is a part of your marketing.  This is similar to the marketing you do with a one-on-one Elevator Pitch.  But interacting with a group requires more practice.  Messages to a group are different because you can not focus on just one person …  for more than an instant.

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