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4 Startups That Disrupted Established Industries

Industries are evolving

Startups have disrupted established industries.  Just as we have evolved from dinosaurs millions of years ago, the world as we see it continues to evolve every day. In fact, the industries which are starting to feel old and have amazing possibilities to be improved are already considered as ‘dinosaur’ industries – and are the main victims of the tech disruption caused by startups.

4 Startups That Disrupted Established Industries

Let’s see what results startups have caused in making the traditional (dinosaur) technologies to vanish.

Netflix disrupted home entertainment

The ultimate application which can be ran through a variety of devices has ultimately disrupted home entertainment. With Netflix, you can watch a TV show or a movie with a single click – and across any device, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop or television unit. Opposed to the dinosaur industry which included renting TV shows and movies, Netflix has gone a long way in changing home entertainment, and we are all victims to its new technology.

Amazon disrupted bookselling

The largest online book store Amazon.com has been among the eCommerce leaders, averaging millions of sales on a daily basis. Ever since it started, Amazon has been based on delivering books and other products directly to the customers’ doors. That way, buying a new book has never been any easier. Amazon has already disrupted the book industry, forcing many book stores to close their doors.

Airbnb disrupted hotels

We don’t need to be hotel guests anymore – thanks to Airbnb. This amazing platform tackles the hotel industry in another way – by allowing users to create a renting space in every city around and welcome their guests at an affordable price per night. Apart from the cost-effectiveness, Airbnb reinforces socialization, which is the main reason why many hotels have been seeing a drop in their bookings.

Facebook disrupted the communications and news industries

Undoubtedly, Facebook is among the pioneers when it comes to startups – making us grasp information, be connected to our friends and share everything we feel like sharing as easy as a pie. Disrupting the ‘dinosaur’ technology which focused on sending post mail and communicating only over phone, Facebook lets us contact anyone we know with a single click. Apart from that, it is a medium that is powerful to spread global news quickly and make us independently aware about the situation in the world.

Other Disrupted Established Industries

  • YouTube disrupted video
  • Instagram disrupted consumer photography
  • Deals Direct disrupted discount department stores
  • Square disrupted credit card payments


Every startup can teach us something – however, the most disruptive definitely deliver very important lessons.


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