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Investor Presentation Development – Competition


Investor Presentation Development – Competition

This section/slide of your investor presentation should address:

  • Who are the competitors? There is ALWAYS competition in the eyes of a prospect. Even if the potential customer is doing nothing, the Company must overcome the customer’s inertia and current allocation of money to unrelated products and services. What do they do well? (If the Company executives believe that no one is competing for the customer’s budget, they are not credible).
  • How does the Company do what; better than any other solution?
  • What is the unfair competitive advantage that will protect the Company from existing or future competitive products? This is not necessarily a technological advantage. Usually, it is based on intellectual property or core competencies of key team members. Typically, patents by themselves or relationships by themselves are not adequate. If there is no competitive advantage that can keep the startup 2-3 years ahead of the competition for 2-3 years, the Company needs to develop one.

John Gale’s White Paper on Business Plans is Available for Download

This Post is based in part on John Gale’s White Paper, Startup Presentations to Angel/Seed Stage Investors and Partners: Recommendations for Best Practices  This White Paper can be downloaded from:

  • The Business Plans page on this Website
  • It can also be downloaded from this page on the Angel Capital Association website.  The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of (US) angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures

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