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Blogging is Free Internet Marketing

Blogging is free Internet marketing.  It is also one of the best Internet marketing methods.  Blog is a term that refers to a web log. Essentially, a blog is a journal hosted on the Internet. A blog can be created at very low cost and then used for business purposes.  Costs for a text blog can be quite low.  Video blog production costs can be significantly higher.  Audio blogs are less common.

Blogging is one good way to increase the visibility of your company, your website, your products and your key staff.

Extend your Internet advertising with a Blog

A Blog helps make your startup’s clients or customers abreast via your website. New product offerings and affiliate websites can be launched and promoted with your startup blog.

Your startup’s sanitized mission, objectives and plans can be promoted in your Blog. This content can stored easily in archives. Thus selected parts of your marketing materials will be searchable information for anyone browsing the web.

Opinions on industry issues, business or technical advice or selected reviews can be published. Blog based publishing is simple.

Links can be included that will attract back links and thus improve your website ranking on search engines. A better method is the placement of articles, eBooks and videos on your website. If it is aligned with your market strategy, affiliate links can be used on your website.

Well-written blog posts attract comments from your blog readers. These comments can help you learn more about your market, improve your offerings and better serve your customers.

Blogs help you to establish relationships with other bloggers. When readers observe good content on your blog, they will spread the word.

How to set up a blog

Here are the main options you can make use of to set up a blog. You can install one of the blogging software systems such as WordPress at www.WordPress.org or you can use a blogging hosting service. do it for you. You can use a hosting services such as www.wordpress.com and www.livejournal.com.



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