What We Do

Carverlon Ltd supports business development for the IT and nanotechnology markets.  The focus of our experience is in the business-to-business market sectors as well as business to consumer markets in the Internet and interactive services market sectors:

  • Development/Enhancement of Strategies and Business Plans
  • Partnerships and Acquisitions
  • Market Development
  • Product Development

Strategies and Business Plans

  • At the less involved end of the spectrum, John interacted with a corporate development executive in a series of one-on-one meetings over several months. Key strategy issues were discussed as the executive worked with an internal team to develop a strategy
  • In one case, John and one other developed a strategy in a several man-week level of effort
  • At the more involved end of the spectrum, Taligo staff were part of a team that expended 12 man-months in developing a corporate development strategy for the Chairman of the Board of Fortune 500
  • Our staff have experience in the preparation and revision of business plans for new revenue streams and startups
  • Carverlon can facilitate and manage creation of consensus opinions and strategies using task specific groups of experts


  • Research, identification, screening, and qualification of potential business partners. Carverlon has searched for potential partners in Europe and the UK, North America, Israel, and the Pacific Rim
  • For transactions in London or Silicon Valley, which each have a unique, original and idiosyncratic style, Carverlon can introduce clients to appropriately experienced counsel and/or business partners with international experience

Market Development

Carverlon provides business strategy and market development services.  This includes:

  • Business planning and strategy development
  • Opportunity definition, sizing, and positioning
  • Support for marketing and executive management

More of our experience is in the business-to-business market sectors.  Carverlon has business to consumer market experience in sectors of the Internet and interactive services markets.

Product Development

Carverlon can support some types of product development engagements.  Potential staff for projects at different stages along this path include:

  • Former SVP Product Development for a major consumer electronics manufacturer
  • Technical experts including some types of engineers and scientists

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