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Unique Information in Your Investor Presentation

Unique information in your investor presentation will help you to stand out. Each new venture needs to be unique.  So during Investor Presentation Development one needs to consider unique information that has not been addressed in other sections.

Unique Information in Your Investor Presentation

This section/slide of your presentation to investors should address information that does not fit into these other sections of the table of contents.  For example:

  • Product Development may need to be described on a separate slide showing a Product Roadmap. Especially, if product development is planned or currently in process, it is very important to show how prospective customers will be/are involved in the product development process.
  • The timing of the product launch is important. Why is now the right time? Why is it not too early or too late? Being early is the same as being wrong. Almost all business concepts have a finite “Window of Opportunity.” Thus, it is useful if market timing factors are described.
  • The last slide should always include “Thank You” and complete contact information.

Please note; investors, acquirers, and business partners will perform due diligence. If they uncover material facts which have not been disclosed “up front”, they may disengage on general principles. Further, they may spread negative stories about the Company “to protect other Investors.”


Review your presentation/business plan to ensure that all unique and compelling material facts are included.

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