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Startup Business Focus

Concentrate on startup business focus while progressing through the corporate formation of a startup.  And again during all planning processes.  Your Angel and VC investors will especially appreciate your attention to these points:

  • Investors and all other stakeholders want a startup to have a strong startup business focus.  It is good to have multiple future revenue stream possibilities.  But stay focused on the one with the low hanging fruit at the beginning.
  • Your thinking should converge on strong business focus during planning processes.  Thus your focus will emerge clearly in your core planning documents and presentations
  • Avoid activities that detract from or confuse your strong business focus
  • Your marketing messages should include a clear articulation of your business focus
  • Many angel and venture capital investors will not invest in a startup that they consider to be a “Design House” that wishes to spin off multiple startups.  On the contrary, they wish to invest in a startup that focuses on one specific business.
  • If a potential investor learns that a startup company is a spin-off from a Design House, the investor will want to understand the autonomy of the startup and the level of commitment of its employees.  In general, investors have a strong preference for full-time employees
  • The type and amount of focus in any startup is important to potential investors, customers, employees, other stakeholders and founders.
  • If you are going to operate a startup without external investment, business focus must be very important to you.  You can diversify after you achieve a good level of success.

Conclusion – Strong Business Focus

Clear communication of Startup Business Focus is required when interacting with co-founders and any other stakeholders.  Therefor control of Startup Business Focus is vital during the many planning processes.

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