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Reasons to send business Christmas cards

Here are compelling reasons to send business Christmas cards (Hanukkah cards, Holiday Cards, New Years Cards). Christmas Cards (Hanukkah cards, Holiday Cards, New Years Cards) are a unique opportunity to reach out to customers and prospects and leave a smile on their face. From a marketing and branding perspective you might want to do this with minimal invested time. You can.

Reasons to send business Christmas cards – Expectations

Some send cards. Some expect to receive them. So if you send cards you will meet or exceed expectations. Exceeding expectations once a year with a prospect is not a bad thing.

Goodwill and Customer relations

Sending a well-chosen card creates a positive touch-point with the recipient. You are reaching out in a good way. There is no pressure to purchase. This creates a good result.


You are effectively wrapping your brand, your logo, your tagline in a great, warm, friendly package.


Cards give you a great chance to say “Thank You” to customersCost effectiveDigital Christmas Cards or New Years Cards can be very inexpensive. The cost is mostly your time. We discuss paper cards further down this post.

Return on investment

A card leaves behind a trail of “breadcrumbs” of goodwill. One year John Gale sent digital cards that were based on a photograph that he took in an Oregon forest. Five years later a friend told John that he had framed it and still had it hanging on his office wall.

Extensive Choice

With the extensive availability of graphic design services; it is easy to create a customized digital (or paper) card. You can project your brand, your image, your values, and the warmth of holiday spirit. Be sure they are personalized. You can easily add recipient specific messages to digital cards.


Need I say that a chance to differentiate your offering is a good thing?Are all of your competitors buried in the noise of the millions of ad messages? You can stand out as a good guy.

Potential Revival

Be sure that you send cards to those ex-clients who have not purchased in three years.

Really Stand Out – Go Paper

Fewer and fewer paper cards are sent each year. If you send a paper Christmas Card, Holiday Card or New Years Card; you really stand out. Please see the article Paper leaves a deeper emotional footprint than digital


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