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Motivation for startup CEOs

Every startup CEO needs to learn about motivation for startup CEOs. From time to time you will feel less motivated. When you sense that coming on you need to act. Shift into high energy mode and work through this list. Note the concepts that work best for you.

Motivation for startup CEOs

  • Be high energy
  • Know the purpose of your venture
  • Understand yourself.  Understand whether you like to be in control or whether you like to create value.  Please read Startup founder motivations: Value or control, which type are you?
  • Learn how to do something new
  • Every day is a new opportunity
  • Remind myself to act or others will
  • If I am successful then I have the opportunity to give back
  • If today is not good tomorrow will be better
  • Spend time with positive and successful people
  • Keep focused on your strategic goals; on what your startup’s success will be and look like
  • Arrange accountability with a friend
    You call each other every morning.  Each of you describes to the other what he/she did the day before that was meaningful
  • Seek to build the best products and the best startup
  • Reward program
  • Think of the enduring rewards of the financial exit
  • At the end of each day establish (only) 4 tasks that you must accomplish the next day.  Be sure that you complete them
  • Set small goals.  As you achieve them set higher goals
  • Do one thing every day that is exciting or fun
  • Love what you do or do something else
  • When you feel down; go talk with customers
  • Hire the best people
  • Remember what it was like to be an employee
  • Think of what you and your team can achieve
  • Be sure that the entire team shares in each success
  • Be involved with your industry.  Become known as a thought leader
  • Learn how to meditate. This may be difficult for those with engineering or technical mindsets
  • Arrange Inspiration


Use your mind and remember that tomorrow is another opportunity to succeed.


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