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How to Use Advanced Search by Google

Startup professionals need to understand how to use advanced search by Google

The vast majority of searches done on the Internet are performed using Google.com. This Post describes only how to use Google’s Advanced Search features by providing Google instructions with some added information.

How to use advanced search by Google

  • Using advanced search by Google will help you to get the best results for complex searches.
  • When you go to www.google.com, there is a Settings Tab in the lower right of your screen. Within that menu; please select “Advanced Search”
  • You will then see the sub-heading
    Find pages with
    These first five sections allow you to specify any of the following:

    • All these words
      This will give you results with all of your search words, but not in any particular order. They can also be anywhere on the page.
    • This exact word or phrase
      This will give you results with exactly the phrase you enter. The phrase must appear on the page exactly the way you enter it.
    • Any of these words
      This will show results with any one or more of your search words on the page.
    • None of these words
      This will give you results that don’t include these search terms at all
    • Numbers ranging from
      This will give you results that include numbers in your specified range

The above five sections can be used individually or all together. So, one can search for the exact phrase ‘open source’ without the words ‘trial’ or ‘free’ if you are seeking free open source “something” software but do not prefer trial versions.

  • Next you will see the sub-heading
    Then narrow your results by…
    last update:
    site or domain:

Let’s discuss the “site or domain” section briefly.
One might designate a Website. Then one can either search only on that Website, or anywhere except on that Website. Thus one can create a site-specific search. Or if you exclude the Website you can find references to that Website.

                 terms appearing
file type:
usage rights:

  • Further down the page you will see:
    You can also…

Find pages that are similar to, or link to, a URL
Search pages you’ve visited
Use operators in the search box
Customize your search settings

  • The use of Modifiers will allow you to use all the advanced features in a normal Google search without having to use the Advanced Search page.

Other search engines

Please note that as you change from Google.com to Google.de or etc; the ranking of KeyWords is not always the same.

You can also learn to use other search engines. So you may want to look at other search engine possibilities. Dozens of them are listed in the Wikipedia article List of search engines

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After you are experienced in using the Advanced Search options in Google searches your search results will be more accurate.  It has been John Gale’s experience that in some cases a Google search yields more results than some other search engines.


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