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How to Hire Senior Executives

How to Hire Senior Executives

Understanding how to hire senior executives is an important skill for a startup CEO. The CEO can think through the following alternatives:

  • In all startup ecosystems there are informal ways for interested executives to meet startup CEOs.

  • Hire friends of your friends or those recommended by advisers or other startup CEOs.

  • Hire consultants as consultants. Later they may be migrated to employee roles.

  • Retain an executive search firm (only after you are flush with cash)

In all cases, look for candidates used to smaller organizations and don’t focus on those with big-business credentials. They may be accustomed to having a lot of rules to follow and to having large staffs to do the work.

How to select an Executive Search Firm

Consider the following in retaining an executive search firm:

  • There are thousands of agencies, who can provide similar service. You need to shortlist a few, on the basis of recommendation and ratings.

  • When you have your shortlist, meet the consultants personally for better understanding.

  • Find out for how long the agency and individual have provided these services.

  • Ask them how they identify candidates for such jobs, and how they will select candidates for your job requirement.

  • Understand their payment terms. It is better to select a firm that charges with instalments.

  • Ask what the agency will do, when you find their candidate is inappropriate for the job, within the first month of joining.

  • Talk with a few of their past clients.

Conclusion – How to Hire Senior Executives

The search agencies can gift a jewel to your startup. If you are having a number of management vacancies, then you must look for a consultant. They can analyse the candidates according to your business needs.  Alternatively, if you are still cash constrained; work through your consultants, friends and colleagues.


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