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Adaptability Needs for Startup CEOs

There are many adaptability needs for startup CEOs.  He/she needs to understand needs, learn new skills and accomplish new things quickly.  Here is a partial list of those agilities.

Adaptability Needs for Startup CEOs

A startup CEO must sustain belief in him/her self.  Beyond that there is:

An agile focus on your work

  • Listen well
  • Learn how to do new things
  • Do something that has never been done before
  • See outside, think outside and work outside your comfort zone
  • Understand and hold to boundaries for your startup, team and self
  • Deliver much more than the average person
  • Work when payoff is 3-5 years or even 15-20 years (for some Pharma) out
  • Understand barriers created by culture and step graciously around them
    Sometimes it is hard to do this graciously – Think of an uptight New Yorker trying to perform in rural Georgia
  • Finish complex tasks quickly
    I.E. you learn at 8:00 that you have an opportunity to make a new sort of pitch at 11:00
  • Understand the hidden potential in assets of various types
  • Persevere in the face of bullying or passive aggressive obstacles
  • Understand and hold to boundaries for your startup, team and self

Beyond that there is a need to have an adaptable focus on your team

  • Create a really good team to do something new
  • Be patient with others within and outside your team
  • Nurture yourself or an employee who has experienced a grief event
  • Understand the potential in others and how to believe in them.  This includes managing varying levels of enthusiasm in others


Develop a flexible mind and spirit.











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